Leslie Poteet Busker is an abstract and figure artist in Charlotte, NC. She studied interior design at Virginia Tech, graduating with a B.S. in Housing, Interior Design, and Resource Management. Post-college, she designed commercial interiors for several architecture firms in Charlotte. Leslie retired to educate and rear her children, and upon  their graduations she began pursuing art full-time. She lives in South Charlotte with her husband and Portuguese Water Dog, Jed. Her work can be found in both public and private collections across the southeast. 

Artist Statement

My art is about finding joy and beauty in the simple and unexpected. I create it to be a delightful respite from the chaos of daily life and to help people refocus on things that are in some way noble, admirable, and beautiful. 

Gathering glimmers of inspiration from all aspects of the design world, I condense, combine, and translate those concepts onto canvas and paper. I am inspired daily by the work of artists and designers in all disciplines - from classical art, architecture, high fashion, and textile design, to formal gardens, music, and dance.